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Keurig  Coffee Maker Cleaner  14 oz. Liquid

Keurig Coffee Maker Cleaner 14 oz. Liquid

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Product Description

Descaling regularly (every 3 to 6 months) removes
  • Descales faster than white vinegar.
  • Odorless.
  • Uses natural citric acid.
  • Works faster than alternatives.
  • Biodegradable.
  • No after taste.
  • Descaling is recommended every 3 to 6 months
  • Removes calcium deposits that can build up inside your brewer


  • Brand Name: Keurig
  • Product Type: Coffee Maker Cleaner
  • Container Size: 14 oz.
  • Product Form: Liquid
  • Number in Package: 1 pk
  • Packaging Type: Bottle
  • Click here to see the Safety Data Sheets for this product